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Attention to quality and detail is a priority for us.

Kids school uniforms are an important aspect of their education. The uniform is able to give the kids a real sense of identity and belonging. Having a uniform that looks good and fits well enables the wearer to feel comfortable, and therefore better able to apply themselves to their studies.

When a parent invests in a uniform, which is a considerable investment each year, they should be confident that what they are buying will be tough enough to stand the rigors of everyday wear and frequent washing. There are very few, if any, other items of clothing that a child will put on as many times or for as long, as they do their school uniform.

For this reason we believe that quality of fabric and manufacture is vital.

We manufacture many of our garments on site, so we are able to keep a close eye on the quality. We have our shirts, trousers, shorts, track pants and sports jackets made for us, to our specifications, maintaining our consistent quality.

Our range of dancewear includes everything the dancer needs, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been dancing a long time. We stock the class uniforms for all the dance schools in and around Orange, as well as any requirements for exams.

Eisteddfod and Concert time is a very exciting time of year, and our staff are always keen to help you with that special costume. Whether it's one costume for a solo or oufitting a whole group, we will do our best to source what you need, and take the hassle out of searching for you.

We order weekly, so our stock is usually up to date, but if we don’t have it for you today, we will do our very best to have it for you within a week.

When it comes to dancewear, the range available is extensive, and unfortunately we cannot carry it all in store. We source our stock from a variety of suppliers, Australian and International, and we are more than happy to order in for you items outside our normal stock lines.

We also carry a range of hospitality garments to cater to the growing hospitality industry in and around our city. We can customise these for your particular business with printing and embroidery as required. Our starter kits for apprentices and hospitality students are great value. 

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